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  • buy with confidence - we are Perth's premier puppy re-homing store trading for over 10 years!
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When you buy a puppy from us you do so with complete peace of mind - knowing it has been professionally & ethically bred, very thoroughly vet-checked, vaccinated, socialised, partially toilet-trained, micro-chipped, treated for intestinal worms and bathed. We also offer 24 hour a day 7 day a week assistance for the entire life of your pup and a discount on steralisation (in-store voucher) to encourage responsible pet ownership. You can buy a 'cheap' pup elsewhere but you may never find better value than an MLPP puppy.


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'The Beaglier is a small hybrid dog that has been popular, especially in Australia, since the 1990s. This designer dog is playful and energetic, yet adaptable enough to enjoy lounging with its family in the evening as much as running through the local park. It is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Beagle cross, and usually has an agreeable mix of its parents’ characteristics – though one of the main reasons for its development in the first place was to produce Beagle offspring that were not quite so driven to pursue scent trails






The Cavoodle is known for its exceptional temperament, which makes it a great family pet. Cavoodles are extremely friendly and sweet, getting along well with children and pets. Having little prey drive, these are ideal dogs for sharing a home with other furry pets. Intelligent and people-oriented, Cavoodles are a great choice for first time dog owners, as they are adaptable and easy to handle.



'Small, sweet and too cute for words, the Westiepoo is one of the original designer dogs and is now a popular choice of pet internationally. Mixing the plucky West Highland White Terrier with the obedient and smart Poodle has resulted in a little dog that is full of personality.

A delightful family pet, the Westiepoo is loving and affectionate; a dog that will devote itself to its masters. They like to be the center of attention and will never say no to a belly rub or chin scratch.'


mount lawley pets and puppies maltese shih tzu

mount lawley pets and puppies westipoo

mount lawley pets and puppies westipoo

Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies westipoo



























Face Time Meet & Greet

We can offer 'face time' as a meet and greet for our puppy purchasers and even take care of transport to your home if you're not comfortable coming into the store. Please call 08 9271 6632 or call or sms 0406 472 580.


Can we have your old newspapers?

We are in desperate need of your old newspapers to toilet train our puppies please! :)

We can even collect locally if you have a large bundle.


Such a great store with such friendly, knowledgeable, passionate and amazing people. I bought my little guy a few weeks ago and the help and assistance I have been given and, continue to get has been phenomenal. My little guy was taken care of so well before I got him and I am so happy with the care he had prior to owning him and the education I received in raising him. I definitely recommend buying the canine care “crib” if you do buy a puppy. It has kept my puppy safe at night and he can’t wander off. A definite must buy if you buy yourself a puppy.

Michael Taylor

We went into Mount Lawley Pets to just have a look. We were planning on getting a puppy this year but not quite so soon! Our gorgeous little puppy chose us that day! She had her little paws up on the pen following us around. From the moment we both held her we just couldn’t leave her. The staff were fantastic making sure we were right for our puppy and we had everything we needed to take her home. We took our little Gigi home that day and named her Lulu. Thank you for our gorgeous new family member.

Dianne Hyder

Thank you Mt Lawley Pets and Pups! Our new family member is adorable. We love that you include photos of the parents so we know he has come from a reputable breeder. We couldn’t be happier.

Julie Lyon

Beautiful, caring, hard working & informative staff. The puppies are well cared for, healthy & ready to take home. We have adopted both of our dogs from this team & will do it again.

Natalie Thomson

We adopted our 3 month Lagotto from Mt Lawley Pets and Puppies back in April and couldn’t be happier! Charlie is so sweet, calm, super clever, cheeky, adorable and so loveable!!! Rose and her staff gave him the best start and he has fitted in to our family so well! The staff at Mt Lawley’s were so helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Mt Lawley Pets for everything you need for your pet babies!!!

El G

Great place. Staff were very knowledgeable and definitely love and care for their puppies. They guided us through the entrie process and what to expect once we took our little puppy home

Nigel Ross

Very friendly place with lots of knowledge and support for the whole family Our little man had a name change from Jack to Bailey but loves his new name, home and family.

Carin Fraser

We are delighted with our new puppy Mia and thank you to Mount Lawley Pets & puppies for all your help and advice. Our previous dogs were much bigger than our little Mia, so we needed a fair bit of advice. Everyone at the shop took time to explain everything and they also followed up with sms and emails to make sure the puppy and us were happy. Can really recommend Mt Lawley Pets and Puppies.

Vivienne Ferguson