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Hi Chris,We couldn’t be more besotted with our darling Chester.He’s had no trouble at all being part of our family & he’s brought us so much joy already. Thanks so much for almost fully toilet training him - he’s learnt to use the outdoor loo area fast. We love him so much and have already recommended so many friends to your store.Thanks so muchCaterina (& Chester)

Hello Rose, Chris and all your fabulous staff! Well after nearly 3 years since we got our gorgeous healthy, smart loving Schnoodle “Miska” from you and calling in practically every month when I go down the road to my hair hairdresser (ASK) I finally convinced my hubbie that he needed a puppy that would sit on his lap and when I saw Schnoodles and Schnouzers in store on your webpage I took my hubbie and Miska to the hairdresser with me and suggested hubbie take Miska to see the puppies. 😜 After my hair looked fab hubbie said come and have a look in store and I new then that we were thing we were putting a deposit on a gorgeous little Mini Schnauzer now named Maya and who has become Miska’s best friend. Our house and caravan will be filled with Love, fun and laughter. Thank you MOUNT LAWLEY PETS 🥰🥰🥰
Debbie and Colin

"Hi Chris, thank you for you SMS and interest in how George and Lily are doing. We have so much fun and joy to see them playing and thriving. Health wise no problem. Both had their 3rd injection and health checkup. We cannot thank you enough for all your advice and care. We felt the manner in which you look after us as customersbut primarily after the puppies, is second to none. Paperwork wise with vet health care checkup doc, microchipping, deworming, feeding regime and handling of pups, was outstanding. Even sending us on our way with deworming tablets, probiotics and honey treatment to ensure the best care and transition for the puppies to the new owner, was outstanding. All along the process of choosing our new family members,  caring and having the wellbeing of the pups was of paramount concern to your staff. We can highly recommend you to all our doggy parents and hope to visit you one day with George (out handsome Schnoodle) and Lily (our very girly Papoodle with eyes that can melt hearts)!Keep up the good work. Kind Regards Johannes and Inge - Busselton "

Above: Here she is with Coco who is from you 2 years ago. Honey is doing great! Zoe

Above: Hi Chris, yeah he settled in straight away. They are best of friends now :) Rhiannon

Above: Hi Rose and the Crew. Castro (Havanese) has settled in very well, and is making excellent progress with his toilet training. He's so well behaved walking on his lead. Castro enjoys his 3 park walks each day and has made some lovely doggie friends who he recognises from a distance. 'Polly' the Cocker Spaniel is his favourite friend who is very maternal toward him. Since he enjoyed splashing in his water bowl, we bought him his very own little paddling pool which he loves to drink from!! :) I will take him to our first puppy training class on Sunday (Wish us luck!!) Vic and Christian 

Hi Rose,

Attached is a picture, as promised, of Zoe the Westipoo, that I purchased from you on the 2nd of April 2019. She is doing well and loves socialising and going to puppy school. I am very happy with my new little girl and considering her constant wagging tail, I think she is pretty happy too. In the photo she is 9 weeks old. You know you have a cute dog when when even the vets go out of their way to show her off to all of their staff, when people literally cross the road to get close to her and when cafe staff come out from behind their counter to get a hug. I’m not an attention seeker so I can get pretty embarrassed but she loves it and laps up all of the attention.

Thank you for my new best friend.

Toby Kibblewhite

Above: Hi Chris. Luna is a happy little gal, she's settled in really well. Ashleigh


Hi Rose and team

We have (finally!) posted a review on Google, and the text of our review is below in case you would like to use it as a testimonial.

We have also attached a recent photo of Hamish for you to use if you like.

Thank you to Rose, Denise and (especially) Karen at Mt Lawley Pets and Puppies for helping us to choose the perfect dog for our family (including our son who is extremely allergenic to animal dander) and ongoing advice to help us ensure that our puppy continues to be happy and healthy. Our schnoodle Hamish has been with us for 9 months now and has brought so much joy to our whole family. It is obvious that the team at MLPP genuinely care about the wellbeing of their puppies. We have already recommended MLPP to our friends and family, and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your ongoing advice, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards
Dirk & Ruth Fairweather

Hi Chris, we named our puppy Pepper. She is doing really well. Getting the hang of toilet training training and is now sleeping through the night. She is mischievous but not naughty and is bringing us lots of joy. She's getting spoilt rotten by my daughter and her friends. We are very happy she has come to join our home. Kathy"

Above: Hi Chris, thank you for your text, Winston is doing well and has made some new friends :) Jacqui 

" Tracey M
2 days ago
This is the best pet store I have ever been to. Amazing staff. They are so lovely with the puppies and very professional. I didn’t feel like they were trying to make a sale, they were happy to answer questions but sad to see the puppies leave. The puppy pens are very clean and puppies seem happy and healthy. Highly recommend this place !! X"


"Chris- Poppy (formally known as Tina) has settled so beautifully into our family. She is an absolute delight. Her big sister Peanut has taken her under her wing. Poppy adores her too. Thank you forhelping us complete our family and bring the biggest smile I've seen on my daughters face in a long time. Regards Sophie" Poppy is a Pugalier

"Hi Chris, he has very much made himself at home. He is full of beans and such a big personaility. Full of love. His name is now Charlie. As he isn't allowed to walk in the park yet, he goes in my Nan's dog pram!" Kristen

"Hi Chris. Yeh, Wally is doing very well. Has put on some weight, is very happy and energetic. Has been a lot of fun with him in the family now :) Thanx for asking. Don"

"Matilda is fitting in well and doing everything she should be doing, eating and drinking well, playing lots, a very happy little dog. Thank you" Sharon

"Hi Chris thanks for your message. We named our boy Douglas and is so, so settled! He's happy, healthy, and in training :) Here is a photo of him." Alina and Kyle

"Hi Chris, I am doing really well. I thought you might like a photo of me with my 'big boy clip ready for summer' Toby O"

"Hi Chris. Yes he definitely loves it here on the farm and gets on very well with our other dog, they're best mates. Many thanks" Adam

"Hi Chris. Thank you for touching base. Our Moodle, Mr Murphy is doing brilliantly well. We are so attached to him and him to us. He's the little baby of the family. He will be starting puppy school next week & also going to the vet for a general check up. Kind Regards, Akhif"

"Hi Chris, we are over the moon with him, he is just gorgeous and would certainly recommend you guys!" Sally

Hi Chris, they are both doing really well. They are great mates and have settled into the family well. Love them both!" Jennifer

"Hi Chris, Franklin is settling in beautifully, and making new friends wherever we go. I love him dearly. Thank you so much!!!" Gem

"Hi Chris, thank you for your text. Molly is great. Took her to vet in Dunsborough when we got her home and they were impressed with her care that she had obviously recieved at MLPP. Molly has well and truly settled in and is already a much loved fur baby." Chrissie 

"Hi Chris, yes he's settled in really well and sleeping through the night. Thank you and the team for all your help!" Emese 

"Hi Chris so very sorry I actually meant to call and say how wonderfully he settled in instantly. He's in for his second needle on Monday and has been attending puppy classes at the vets and is a very happy cruisy spoilt lil boy. I'll pop in with him next weekend to say hi" Belynda

"Yes thank you Chris. She is has just had her 3rd vaccination and is socialising well. She is well mannered and playful and we love her." Mal

 “Hi Mike, Oscar is settling in really well, he’s full of life but loves a cuddle as well and has really enjoyed going to his puppy classes. He’s the perfect amount of friendly and cheeky and we can’t imagine life without him. Claire”

Dear Rose and Crew

We are so happy with our beautiful Lucky a mini schnauzer we purchased from you in early May. She is a delight and so obedient and affectionate.

Thank you again for the joy she has given us already.

Norma and Ian

Dear Mt Lawley Pets

We just wanted to send a quick update to let you know NicNac (now known as "Gus"), is settling in well, despite his cheekiness! He has made himself right at home and is displaying no signs of being unsettled or thinking that the couches are for his use too. He his off to his 2nd puppy class tonight and he has bought us all so much joy in the two weeks since we bought him. We just wanted to say a big thank you to all your staff for helping us and to let you know he is happy, healthy (had vet check and 2nd vacc on Sunday) and very loved as a new member of our family!

Warm regards

Dave, Shannon, Madeline and Toby”

"Hi Rose and the team

Our Cavoodle Max is One tomorrow. We came in today to buy him some presents. We made him a party hat today for his birthday tomorrow, he was a very good boy trying it on today. I couldn't help but send you a photo of him the day we picked him up last May and a photo now. He is the most beautiful temperament dog you could ever ask for. Thank you again.

Take care



Dear Rose

hi i picked him up on the 24 june last year. Hes been in England now for about 3 months he loves it here the weather is a bit colder though lol