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'Ben' the 3 months young Borderpoo dropped in with mum Sharon for a new harness, lead and big cache of treats! thank you guys! So CUTE!!!!! 

Above: Birthday boy Archie the Groodle (16kgs)came past today and picked his own present! What a stunner :) thanks for the visit and happy 1st birthday buddy!

MILLIE the PUG late night home work.
Above: Simona and her Sheepadoodle pup George on the first day they saw him. George at 5 month and George at 11 months.
Above: Ruby & Tom popped by for a harness with their absolutely stunning boy Theo - Groodle @ 6 months. Thanks for the visit guys! He's such a handsome boy!!
Above: 7 month Border Collie x Poodle 'Ziggy' popped in today to use her de-sexing voucher. She is growing nicely (14.5kgs) with all the love and care from her owner Maya. Yes-  this is Ben's (above) sister :) 
Above: Borderpoo 'Bruno' is such a handsome young man now! Thanks for sharing some updates guys :)
Above: Hamish the 5 months young SPOODLE popped in for a new winter jumper and bag of small dog teeth cleaning bones. Such a handsome package at only 6.5Kgs :) Thanks for the visit little buddy!
Above: Lola the tiny 8 months young Cavoodle popped by for some new kit today 9/7. Thanks for the visit! 
Above: Georgia Loves her Veal scrolls. Georgia a 6 month old (Pom X Shih Tzu X Poodle)
Above: 'Logan' the 1 year old tri-coloured male 18kg Border Collie dropped by with this dad to say hi and claim his $50 in store de-sexing voucher :) Thanks for the visit
Above: Simona and her Sheepadoodle pup George (5months old) came in for a visit a a new harness.
Maddie the 5 month old Spoodle. What a pup! Truly one of the most impressive we've seen. Her temperament is remarkable. Thanks for the visit - you warmed my spirit Maddie :) bb
Above: Jessica visited in the midst of the Corona chaos with her mum & 'Fifi' the stunning 8 months young Havanese! We were so excited to how she would grow. Desexed, she's tipping the scales as a mere 4.6kg! Thanks for coming in :)
Paul and Wendy swung into say GDAY. Meet Angus the 5 yr old FRUG. Angus is a good boy who sits and shakes hands for treats :)
Above: Young Ethan came in today 6/11 with granny to show us Frenchie - their 7 months young Sheepadoodle. She weighs 7.5kgs and is a highly intelligent and wonderful pup :) 
Devon and Bosco the Havanese visited santa for the first time. Their owners came in a stocked up on Christmas treats.
mount lawley pets and puppies

Hello Rose,  Charlie is celebrating her birthday today.  She is now

fully grown and weighs 5 kgs.  She is just perfect.

 Thank you so much for our beautiful little dog.

 Kind regards Marie and Ian.

MR P is now Fritz. Fritz is a mini schnauzer X pomeranian. He is 11 months old now. He out grew his darker hair. His owners spoil him silly!! :)
Shadow the 10 month old Japoodle X Pomeranian will be heading for the mountains of France. We wish Shadow and his lovely owners all the best and appreciate them bring him in to say goodbye
Ollie is one good looking Rooster. His parents Sonia and Chris do a fantastic job keeping him in top shape. Ollie is a Maltalier (Maltese X Cavalier) and he is 16 months old.
Gary the Aussie Doodle. Gary and his owners popped into the store to say G'day!


mount lawley pets and puppies cavoodle

"Hi Rose and Mount Lawley Pets Family,

We haven’t given you any updated photos of Malesh for over a year now. She is 7, and wow how time fly’s.

Usually, we flick you photos of her in camping expeditions. We are all going as a family to Dongara and driving across to South Australia in the next 6 months and will be able to send you some photos of that

This time, thought you would like to see her at Pat’s, the dog groomer.

She is a great dog and like a fine wine, getting better with age.


Rich" (22 September 2018)

Above: Barney (Goldie) on Ollie (Lab) cribbin on the porch in North Perth :) Cute! Thanks to Ellie and Madi for the update! 
Images below:
  1.  The above image shows Gail and Heinz with their nearly 7 year old Cavalier x Poodle "Sharni". 24 September.
  2. In this image w have Toy Poodles "Henry" and "Alestair" with Mum Julie. Their Dad, Kerry, is out of the picture - 6 September.
  3. "Bonnie" the 6 months young Beaglier came for an interactive Kong 'wobbler' yesterday 16/9 with very happy owners Elana and James. Thanks for the visit guys. You have a beautiful pup!

Returning to use in store credit of $50 after having her little one de-sexed


mount lawley pets and pupies

Image to right: On Wednesday we were visited by Marie and her two toy Poodles "Coco" and "Manny". Thank you Marie, they are lovely puppies - 30 August.


This is "Bruno" the 3 year old Chihuahua x Maltese and below is the email from his owner Marie:

"I call that photo “Bruno goes to School” haha

He is so clever, he has never ever chewed anything in the house and I meant absolutely nothing!  and he pees on command every time! 

We purchased Bruno from you as soon as he arrived to you when he was 8 weeks old from NSW.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives, he is such a loving & cuddly special  lil boy, everyone who meets Bruno loves him.  Even people who don’t like dogs have fallen in love with him. 

I’ll send you another “Mr Cool” photo which you are welcome to use also



Hello :) 

I purchased a puppy from you last year. 

His name was Martin but he is now Charles I thought I would send through some photos so you could see what a healthy beautiful boy he has grown into .

Thank you for giving me my best friend 

Kind regards,

Chanelle  - Thank you for the loveley email and images of Charles!

"Hi guys!

I was just going through my emails and found this one, so I thought I'd send you an update on Charlie!

He's almost 2 now, and as happy as ever! We live back in Darwin now - which he's settled into just fine, although, like us he enjoys some time in the aircon!!

Anyways here are some recent pictures of the little rat bag!

Best wishes,

Rachael & Stuart"

Images below:

  1. Shannon popped in Tuesday 18 October with little Mojo the Maltese x Chihuahua for some yummy treats and a new harness! Thanks for the visit :)
  2. In this image we have Oisin, Aine and Henry with their two Pekingese "Sassy" and "Hamlet." Thanks for showing us your pets' progress - 8 October.


"Hi Rose,  I was so lucky to catch this shot.  It was completely spontaneous!!!!  Thank goodness for mobile phones.

The girls are doing just great.  Duchess has been renamed :Sparky on account of her exuberant nature. She will be alpha dog for sure.  She has grown, has done very well with bathing and an initial grooming session at Chez Diamond

Salon (aka my house) and is proving to be smart, affectionate and playful.

What a darling girl she is -  a perfect little sister for Jazz,  and along with Jazz has us completely wrapt.

Hope all is well with you and your business.

Cheers and many thanks

Trish and Bill"

mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies

Subject: Merlin turns Five!

Hello everyone at Mt Lawley Pets,

It's five years since we brought our little cavoodle, Merlin home from Mt Lawley Pets and Puppies. That time's gone very quickly! We feel very lucky to have him in our lives.

Merlin is a fabulous boy, an ideal pet. He loves the beach and canoeing down the Margaret River. I walk him every day at the dog park where he has a good run. Here are some pictures of him - one at your kennel, one when he's newly home and a few recent shots, including one where he's happy he's been so much help unwrapping presents!

I always recommend your store. You gave us such excellent service and showed you really cared about each animal. Thank you!

Kind regards,


mount lawley pets and puppies mount lawley pets and puppies mount lawley pets and puppies
mount lawley pets and puppies mount lawley pets and puppies mount lawley pets and puppies
mount lawley pets and puppies cavalier mount lawley pets and puppies cavalier mount lawley pets and puppies cavalier

Above three images - "Our beautiful Sharni has the most amazing nature so gentle and loving. We have had her for 11 yrs and she has been the perfect dog from day one. Everyone loves her. Most of all her mummy and daddy." - Gail

This video shows a Bichon x Maltese puppy playing with cat "Sibling".

Hi Rose,   the below pics are the only ones I could find of when he was still in the store . Your staff sent them to me when I enquired about him.

Winston is around 16.5kg- prime condition according to his last visit to the vet. Would you say this is large for a cavoodle ? he is certainly not like a groodle but just a little larger than most other same breed we have seen. We have been asked about him fathering a litter on several occasions – but he was desexed in 2021.

We don’t mind the pics on the website. If this does occur pls let me know so I can show my family  



mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies

mount lawley pets and puppies