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Below is "Tilly" before her grooming.

Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies mini poodle

mount lawley pets and puppies poodle

mount lawley pets and puppies poodle

mount lawley pets and puppies poodle

This is "Tilly" the Mini Poodle. Cost $3990


This breed has a lovely, caring, kind and intelligent personality. Miniature Poodles get along with small children, other pets and adults. They love to feel like part of the family. Miniature Poodles are very smart so training them is easy. They are quick learners and don’t forget easily. They require regular walks and room to stretch their legs and love to be part of the action.

“Tilly” is all of the above. She was born on 19/02/2018. She is a very sweet, loyal and happy dog. This young Poodle has been DNA tested 100% clear so she is a very healthy and strong dog. Tilly will thrive having another dog with her but will also love to have all of your attention.

Tilly loves the company of other dogs so I feel she would do best with another dog in the house. If not, she will need to go to someone who is retired and can spend a good deal of time with her, not leaving her home alone every day. She loves to run in big open spaces but also loves the cosiness of your lap or to sit by your side on a scrunched up rug on the couch.

Tilly is not familiar with street noise, harnesses or leads. She has been a free spirit and due to her present living arrangements hasn’t needed to go out into public as she has had all she needs at home. She has her canine friends on site, a private park where she runs with her friends and the house where she sleeps at night. Her new owner must be prepared to introduce her to the big wide world gradually.

Tilly is quite a fussy eater so if you are prepared to be creative and enticing with your cuisine Tilly is the dog for you. She is extremely affectionate and agile so loves to be on your lap for cuddles.

Bedtime means having a foot warmer. Tilly is so agile that jumping up on a higher than normal bed isn’t an issue for her. She parks herself at the foot of the bed every night and there she stays after rearranging her sleeping rug. She is so quiet you wouldn’t know she’s there.

Tilly has proven to be very good with young children. She is very patient and gentle.

Tilly will make a wonderful companion. For further information call Rose on 0403 112 431.