What can happen to my dog?


While we may think a puppy must be perfect a lot of things come into play. Like people, we are all different in some respect(s). Your brother or sister probably differs to you in a number of ways:

  • he or she may be taller or shorter;
  • fatter or thinner; 
  • different eyes or different noses; 
  • longitivy; etc, etc

Dogs are the same! Genetics comes into play. A poodle may remain quite small throughout it's life whereas it's brother or sister may grow to a size you didn't expect. We have had whole litters of puppies in our shop where five are apricot in colour and one is black! Or three are the same colour and the remaining ones have several different colours.


One puppy may have beautiful erect ears whereas it's brother has one that stands up and one that doesn't - it happens!


Often these characteristics are not evident for some time.


Likewise some breeds and hybrids may have certain predispositions that may not be evident for months or even years.


Click here and select the breed you have or the breed you may be thinking of purchasing. This research, by Sydney University, may surprise you but it may also prepare you with your present dog or be a deciding factor in your choice of puppy.


We recommend you do your own research before deciding on a patrticular breed of dog.


We strongly recommend you consider pet insurance. Speak to our staff or your vet for further information.