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Welcome to Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies




Located on the corner of Beaufort Street and Sixth Avenue Inglewood, we are a unique family owned and run business in that we are the only Pet shop in Perth, where  our puppies run outdoors in specially designed enclosures in our large garden. Our puppies for sale in Mount Lawley, Perth include low allergy puppies, rare breeds, non-shedding puppies, poodle puppies and poodle cross puppies, and much much more.
The puppies ARE NOT kept in small enclosures or cages. Ours are 7.2 METRES LONG.
When you buy a puppy from us you know it has been 'socialised', partially toilet-trained, micro chipped, treated fro fleas, intestinal worms and heart worm, bathed, vet checked and had at least the first vaccination.
We offer a guarantee with our puppies, subject to very reasonable conditions. 
You will be pleasantly surprised to find that our extensive range of pet food is actually more competitively priced than many of the large 'warehouse' retailers in Perth. We stock a massive range of pet accessories, premium dry foods, fresh pet meat, elimination diets, raw food diets, bulk grain and bird seed. If you need pet dietary advice, we have the experience and knowledge to assist.
We carry an ever growing extensive range of dog clothing and all those hard to get, less generic items. We pride ourselves on old fashioned service so if we don't have it, we will do our very best to find it for you.
Our experienced and friendly staff are all passionate pet owners and are here to help you with all your pet needs.


Did you know this building has been a pet shop for some 80 years? That's right, 80 years! Many of our mature customers have memories of their parents sending them here, as tackers, to pick up the chook food for their backyard coops.

This must make us one of the oldest, if not the oldest pet shop in Western Australia.


"Hi Guys!

I thought I'd send you a quick update on the papillon puppy I got from you a month ago. She was originally named Ellie but I've renamed her Pia. 
Pia has turned out to be a lovely little dog whom I am very much in love with. She has a beautiful temperament, loves other dogs and is a very quick learner at puppy school. She has settled into my home perfectly and loves her daily walks and sleeping on the foot of the bed. 
Thanks for all the great advice you provided  me with when I got her. You helped me make a great life changing choice. 
I've attached some photos. Thanks again!" 
papp1.jpg - largepapp2.jpg - large

See the above two images:

 1. All settled in for the night - there are no boundaries when you are tired as a puppy. Where you drop you sleep.
2. Brotherly love ...
Pictures left:
1. This is "Jill" the pink & grey gallah. While she is a lovely bird she is female phobic is that she quite readily bites females - with a few exceptions. She sits on her stand in the shop throughout the day watching the passing parade of people. 
2. Most days we take Jill into the garden for some fresh air and sunshine. She generally comes down from the trees when called but if she is enjoying herself she will stay-put. Fortunately she eventually makes her way down at some point in the day to return inside where she checks out customers from her elevated perch in the shop.  
Right:  LabradorxSchnauzerpu1.jpg - largeThis is Elizabeth and Chris. They purchased two Labrador x Schnauzer puppies a day apart. The two brothers are "Koora" and "Mandu". The couple did not want a lonely puppy when they are away from home so they decided on a pair of puppies from the same litter. Notice how different puppies from the same litter can appear. Sunday 13 July.

At Mount Lawley Pets and Puppies our goal is to provide our customers with a happy healthy and well socialised puppy. We have a focus on non or low-shedding hypo-allergenic puppies and rare breeds ie French and British Bulldogs. We also cater for all of your pets premium and raw food needs. Our range of doggie clothing and treats is second to none too!
We work very closely with the Grantham Street Vet Clinic and have had their senior vets, Paul and Cameron, inspect our business and offer their advice on disease control and general animal handling.
We have hundreds of new exciting stock lines which will make shopping for your pets very enjoyable and fulfilling experience! You can be sure to find what you are looking for at Mt Lawley Pets and Puppies, however obscure.
We are a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia and we are bound by the Code of Ethics as set out by that Association.
Sit out by the pond or up with the puppies and enjoy a coffee from our top of the line automatic machine using fresh local Harvey milk. It really is a very casual and relaxing environment.
We are open 7 days a week including public holidays except Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day morning and, for yours' and our comfort, the shop is air-conditioned so even on the hottest day it is very pleasant inside.

Our hours of operation are:   

Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm
Holiday opening hours are 11am to 4pm.

Jillchattingupcustom1.jpg - large
 Our Pink & Grey Gallah, "Jill" chatting up a              customer.        
Our pond area
The first image, above, shows our new "Tru Blue" Dog Wash. Enter via the green gate in Beaufort Street. The cost is $10 for 10 minutes and you have multiple choices such as shampooing, conditioning, flea and tick treatment and two speed blow dryer.
A heart-warming image. Here we have two Toy Poodles sleeping in a tight embrace!
The third image shows our pond garden at the front of the shop - a popular place to enjoy a coffee and watch the fish.

These  Papillon puppies have had their second vaccinations and are free to play in our shop garden. Here they found a garden planter and settled themselves into it. One of the girls added a blanket for them. (4 July)

Papillonsingarden002.jpg - large


Coming soon - a new range of bedding. Check out these images! They are 'Miyow & Barkley' bedding.

MiyowBarkley1.jpg - large

  MiyowBarkley2344C4984.jpg - large

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